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For more than 7 years, African United for Children's Future has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the children, needy and politically under-represented members of our global family. Find out how you can contribute to the future of a child in need through donations of money and time.


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Our Outreach teams in Liberia and Sierra Leone  need your help immediately. Basic medical supplies, water-purification equipment and food are in high demand for towns and villages and schools supplies for the children living in those towns and villages. Please make your contribution now.

​Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why LUCF is teaming up with PAD back in Africa to carry on some agriculture projects for some families in need.  our support gets so much attention in Africa. Please join us and help feed the children of Africa.



Guest Speaker Madam Emma Houston at AUCF Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 25th 2017.

Our Mission

The Initiatives for Peace & Development INC (PAD) partnering with African United for Children’s Future (AUCF); therefore after series of technical assessment in various communities and consultation with local leaders in the communities, decide to undertake a project in the rural communities. The dwellers will be thought various farming methods on how to farm, where to farm and when to farm particularly low land, upland and Swamp farming. Therefore, in the light of this, survey recently conducted by PAD INC, has realized the need for life saving projects to initially target thirty (30) deaf and dumb children that will be sensitized through study circles and agricultural awareness education. One demonstration farm will be cultivated during the project period and poultry constructed and filled with hearing impaired and local chickens to assist the children with a balanced diet. The total number of children that will benefit from the demonstration farm and poultry in this project are 48 boarding students. AUCF and our implementing partner PAD would like your generous support and fund the project to help improve the lives of the children living in poverty. 

      AUCF, its supporters and board of directors realized the difficulty that  youth are  experiencing in US classrooms. Oftentimes students are placed in classes based on their ages not their educational level and the students could not cope with the lessons. Ultimately, the students would drop out of school. Dismayed by this situation, AUCF sought to assist students and prevent them from dropping out of school and becoming involved in criminal activities. We developed the afterschool program to respond to the needs of African students living in the USA. AUCF has worked with the youth for the past few years through its involvement with various organizations and its close community ties. AUCF is extremely knowledgeableof successful youth intervention strategies and envisions itself as being a beneficial change-agent for African communities and other communities in the country.

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African United for Children's Future

Locally, nationally and internationally, African United for Children's Future is a vocal advocate for the hungry children  and displaced. Providing relief to the poor children in Africa, and advancing their education. AUCF is dedicated  to help most children reach their potential by fostering academic growth, personal growth, and tolerance. We also believe that every child deserves to live and be educated. 

Consignment to Liberia

Recently, during the natural disaster here in the USA, (Hurricane Sandy) AUCF United for Children’s Future had made a donation to the Red Cross to help support the children during that terrible time where the children were very vulnerable.

Currently, AUCF strives to provide positive and meaningful educational, social, and emotional assistance to African youth and children affected by war, through its afterschool program. The program seeks to provide academic assistance, life skills training, and delinquency prevention activities to its participants. Founded in 2006, AUCF is the conception of understanding the hardships that African youth and the children in our communities undergo.

                               AUCF 2018 CONVENTION MARCH 23rd - March 26 in Tampa, Florida

                              We hope to see our international members at the convention in Tampa, Florida