​AUCF 501C-3 Charity Organization

Social Services

There are many community resources provided by the government and other community based and faith based organizations. Many of the young adults who were displaced by the civil war in Liberia are not aware of the resources available to them. Our goal is to connect children and families with community resources to help them find jobs, housing, and become educated about health and wellness.

By helping the children connect with resources, we can give them hope for the future and find healing from the past.

After School Programs

At AUCF, we believe that children should enjoy their childhood. Our after school programs provide children with a safe space to learn about themselves through play, self-expression, and new friendships. Our hope is that these children will learn how to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries, learn to appreciate our differences, and work on non-violent, co-operative ways of handling conflict.

African United for Children's Future (AUCF) is committed to helping children and youth because they are our future leaders. We are working to get children off the streets, provide educational opportunities, and show them all they are capable of. To that end, AUCF provides services in the following areas:


Parents the only thing that is require from you is an internet access with a computer at home or you may take the child to one of the local libraries in your area or you may contact one of our agents in your area. Most of our officials numbers are listed on the Boards and Officials page on this site. To enroll your child, please contact Anthony K. Derricks at (253)-486-9348 or email us at info@theaucf.org.


Many of the children we work with have spent many years in refugee camps throughout Africa and have not had access to education or health resources. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, and substance abuse.

 Class Room

African United for Children's Future partnering with Adapted Mind to support the AUCF after school program. Please select your child/children's class or classes below.


1. Request and User name and Password from one of our agents

2. Click on your child's class

3. A new window will open (Adapted mind)

4. Login with the user name and password provided to your child and start studying

5. To switch from Math to Reading, simply click the Subjects tab

6. Click on Go to adapted Mind Reading

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Hello Parents, my name is Anthony K. Derricks; I will be helping your child or children with their online tutoring here on our site. Please feel free to contact us if you or your child has any question. This service is free for all LUCF enrollees, any child in 1st Grade to 6th Grade is eligible for this program. Please contact us to have your child enroll in the program. This online tutoring features two subjects, Math and Reading for 1st-6th Grades.

                               AUCF 2018 CONVENTION MARCH 23rd - March 26 in Tampa, Florida

                              We hope to see our international members at the convention in Tampa, Florida